An executive condo is a sort of home that was introduced in order to cater to the requirements of various citizens, particularly the younger professionals and professionals that weren’t in a position to access personal land but just a flat. In their centers, the Executive Condominium is really quite like the personal condos due to the simple fact that the growth and the selling of the exact same is accomplished by different personal developers. An Executive Condominium generally includes nearly every one the facilities that a number of the condos perform. The distinction is that there’s 99 year leasehold rather than a freehold and this is one of the biggest gaps.


There are various criteria that a buyer must visit in order to have the ability to get a condo. The applicant needs to become a citizen or a permanent resident or both. In addition they must be a sort of family nucleus like is true for different public housing strategies. There’s a set annual income that has been set in order to qualify for such possession.


There are particular incentives that were set for those that want to get an Executive Condominium in order to make it simpler. Housing grants are often set and this depends upon an individual’s citizenship.

You will find Executive Condominiums being developed in several components and their locations change. But one important thing about the advancements is that their size and they’re made in this manner that they can cater for a great deal of people in precisely the exact same moment. Programmers are also rather good at what they do and they produce some of their most magnificent structures.

The majority of the residential components are of a lavish nature and the property is generally quite spacious in order to cater for many actions. There are studio units and around five bedroom units that might or might not have personal lift lobbies. Sometimes, semi detached houses and bungalows may also be included as a member of their undertaking.