Thank you very much for visiting our website this time!

Hello, this is store manager of herb & aromaticspoon, Yuko Shoji.
The yawning man who is yawning is the Colon (♂ · 4 years old) of the store manager (?).
Thank you very much!

On this page I think that we will introduce our shop and Iwate Prefecture Shizukuishi Town with our shop.

Our shop is a specialty store of herb tea and aromatherapy.

We have our original blended herb tea and many single herb tea, so you surely find a perfect herbal tea for you.

In addition, we will enrich aroma goods, including essential oils, and I would like to help you for your comfortable aroma life.

However, we do not only sell items but we also want to share knowledge and information of herbs and aromas broadly.
And I definitely hope to incorporate herbs in your life.

“I want to share the splendor of herbs with you”

From such thought herbal & aromaticspoon opened.

We look forward to continuing to have herbs & aroma spoon!