Things You Must Know About Coasters

You have had the exact same old drink coasters for years. Made out of stone, or vinyl, they simply sit there, not altering, standing between your possessions and water harm at the exact same old boring way they’ve forever.

Never fear, because for only a couple of bucks, and a small bit of your own time, it is possible to provide those coasters a totally new appearance which is personalized, and customized, to your personal preferences.

The first step you’ll need is a classic pair of dull, worn out coasters. Be certain that they have cork backing, so that the final product will not scratch your table tops. If you do not have a pair of coasters that are old, it is possible to merely buy some moderate strength cork from or the community craft shop, and cut it out into the proper size.

Next take some lining paper, contact paper, or a sheet of old wall paper, actually anything which has an intriguing pattern and design on it. Next lay out the rollercoaster on the newspaper, in whatever manner you want the pattern to appear on the last piece. Whenever you’re ready follow a summary of this coasters shape on the paper, leaving about an eighth of an inch around the outside for gluing and cutting edge.

Apply a thin even layer of glue to the surface of the coaster, and put it down to the newspaper, so that it adheres. Give it a couple of minutes to dry, and then flip the coaster over and carefully trim around the borders with a razor blade.

When the glue is totally dry, it’s time to place plastic liner over the surface, so that it’ll be easy to wipe clean. Employing self adhesive clear plastic liners, cut out a shape that’s slightly bigger than the coaster itself. Then line up the plastic using a corner of this coaster, and gradually peel off the trunk, down it as you go. When finish, use a cloth to smooth out any lumps from the sheeting. Then turn the entire bit above, and cut off the surplus.